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The journey to a better life is never ending. Every step taken in the right direction counts for progress, improvement and upliftment.
That is why we must continue in the pathway to growth. Going back is not an option. Forward we shall go. ONWARD we must strive!

With every ounce of OPTIMISM, we will thread the NATIONALISTIC path to ensure no one is left behind on this journey.

The WILLPOWER to drive this growth is available and ATTENTION to details as well as relevant matters will make the effort count.

The pathway to growth which we thread is laced with RESULT – ORIENTED paradigm and we are fortified with DETERMINATION.

That is the sure way to move forward, that is the only way to move Nigeria ONWARD

The PMB/PYO administration has in the last 3 and half years been aiming for progress in all their works, investments and interventions. They are motivated by a strong will to move the nation forward through an all-inclusive government at all levels.

Onward 2019 is BTF endorsement of the re-election of PMB/PYO in 2019



PMB has planted the seed of change even in our agricultural sector and we can see it grow. Nigeria agricultural sector has grown on an average of 6.45% year on year sine 2015….View Details


The power challenges are not impossible to fix that is why PMB administration has been making steady progress in power generation and distribution….View Details


Within 3 years of his administration, PMB has totally transformed the transport sector by laying new tracks to connect more cities, reconstructing runways for flight safety,…View Details

Social Investment

No fewer than 500,000 Nigerians have directly benefited from N-POWER programme which is a component of the Federal Government Social Investment Programme….View Details


PMB has gradually and consistently worked on reviving the Nigerian economy by engaging thorough- bred technocrats that has been spinning off growth ideas for the economy….View Details

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Nigeria: General Elections 2019

Time until Saturday, 16 February 2019, 08:00:00 (Lagos time)