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Building the Future

Build The Future is an independent advocacy group that believes in progress and development of the nation by the youth, supporting them through empowerment making them catalysts of change in a participatory democracy.

We are supported by Nigerians who see and understand that Nigeria’s’ greatest asset is her young people and the power in their hands. Who also know that empowering the youth is one of the greatest tool in building the future of the nation.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the voice that advocates for the progress, empowerment and development of Nigeria through her most important asset which is her Young People.

Mission Statement

To contribute towards Nigeria’s sustainable and incremental growth through responsible citizenship and a participatory democracy.


  1. Facilitate the development and execution of various avenues to empower Nigerians
  2. Motivate the public towards National Development through various enlightenment activities
  3. To be a catalyst of positive change
  4. Encourage Nigerians to be active in participatory democracy